Hello Meat lovers!!
Happy you are here.

We being meat lovers, know how important is fresh meat to make a GREAT MEAL and who doesn’t agree ‘the way to human's heart is through one’s stomach’.
At Naatus we sell premium quality meat, as all the products are extremely picked by experts. We buy products from suppliers, whom we meet personally and make sure the quality is best.
We make sure that each package is checked by Quality team for freshness, texture, right colour and tenderness. The temperature is maintained from the time product is procured, until it reaches your place.
We are doing our best to deliver the top quality products on time to your doorstep. Appreciate your support and welcome for feedback/improvements at any point of time.


Naatus is launched to provide hygienic and best quality meat to the customers and ensure every meat lover is delighted with Naatus products.

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